"I've called several times out of normal office hours and at weekends, and they've never let me down."
Cynthia, local mental health unit team leader




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Completely Care Worker's home crafted clothes shop

Completely Care would like to offer a few words of encouragement to one of our superstar care and support workers, Susanna, who is the owner and designer of online children’s wear shop www.suzannajanes.co.uk.

Susannajanes is a fantastic place to shop for handmade children's clothes, including cardigans, jumpers, bibs. booties and many more. The clothes are made with excellent care and attention to detail as you would expect from a top quality home crafted item.

Susanna is also one of our most experienced and dedicated support and care workers, so we wanted to help her in the clothing line by letting the rest of our team know about her clothing store.

So, if you would like to give a fantastic quality piece of hand made clothing to someone special in your family- without having to invest the many, many hours it takes to design and make it by hand, then look no further than Susanna's shop www.suzannajanes.co.uk

Congratulations on your business Susanna! Good luck!